- Healing Hearts with Horses -


We rescue, rehabilitate, and retrain horses that find themselves in dire circumstances—giving them a second chance at life as healing therapy horses.


The healing journey begins as individuals rediscover their true self by utilizing our healing therapy horses as catalysts for personal growth and learning.


A renewed sense of self is restored for real, lasting healing where individuals can feel empowered to live their best life.

Our Mission

Using rescued and retrained horses to help people make a difference in their lives
through personal growth and self-discovery.

Heartland Haven Foundation, Inc. (HHF), a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Charitable Organization, was founded by Angela Jackson—certified Equus Life Coach—with the sole purpose of offering Equine Assisted Therapy and Equus Coaching to those who may not have the means to otherwise obtain therapy support for personal, emotional, and/or mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), cancer support, and grief counseling, to name a few.

One of many ways that horses provide healing and learning through Equine Assisted Therapy is by acting as a non-threatening mirror, allowing participants to see themselves more clearly. This approach has shown that a horse can achieve participant breakthroughs and enlightenments in as little as 20 minutes, what it may take talk-therapy to achieve in years.

A Message from Our Founder

As an Equus Coach since 2015, I have seen first-hand the transformation of both human and horse through Equine Assisted Therapy. Workshops facilitated by Certified Life Coaches utilizing horses for personal growth is a need not only in our communities, but also for the rescued horses. Our therapy horses no longer have a purpose in the show ring or as lesson horses, but they are extremely valuable for our human participants’ personal growth.

Through donations and grants, HHF has the potential to reach many people in our communities that may not be able to afford mental healthcare, while at the same time provide lifelong feeding and care for the horses. HHF is a safe place where scars from the past can be healed while learning about and caring for horses—and discovering one’s true self.

To learn more about how to support our cause through one-time or recurring donations, and/or to shop products to purchase with a purpose, select the links below.

- From Heartache to Happiness -


San Diego, California

Angela is so easy to talk to and puts me at ease to open up and discuss my deepest truths. She provides me with a fresh perspective on the issues I have in my life so that I can move through my obstacles. With Angela's guidance and support this year, she has encouraged me to pursue my goals and create my best life!


Orlando, Florida

I have made more and more positive changes in the months since I worked with Angela, then at any other time in my life. Her kindness and competence helped me come back from the brink, and helped me open the space inside myself for that to happen.


Windemere, Florida

My Equus coaching session was very affirming of what I had already been mulling around. Angela is great at helping you gain clarity in your thoughts, revealing stumbling blocks and bringing about more self awareness and understanding. She helps you connect the dots.