Heartland Haven Foundation was founded to afford people from all walks of life the opportunity to experience the healing energy of horses in a safe, loving, and peaceful environment. We are dedicated to offering Equine Assisted Therapy to a variety of mental health conditions, disorders, and major life events.

What is Equine Assisted Therapy?

Equine Assisted Therapy is an opportunity for individuals to experience self-discovery in the presence of a horse. It is an experience that enables a person to shift from internal confusion and conflict in to a greater sense of creativity and genuine personal alignment and growth.

Why horses?

Horses are keenly intuitive and attuned to people’s slightest expressions and energetic or emotional shifts. A horse’s inherent gentle nature, curiosity, and desire to work within a herd or community will cause a horse to seek connection, even with people. Horses reflect truth of the present moment. They do not judge or think in terms of “right and wrong”. Therefore, they will consistently mirror back to a person the variations of the ripple effect their inner dialog is having on them and others in their surrounding environment.

Who is the ideal participant for this type of therapy?

Almost anyone can participate and benefit from this work. Research shows that Equine-assisted activities are an appropriate therapeutic approach for children, teens, adults, families, and groups. Most participants in Equine Therapy benefit from the unconditional acceptance offered by the horses they work with.

What does a session look like?

Sessions are tailored specifically for the group’s/individual’s needs. It may be as simple as interacting in a round pen, grooming, or having a horse walk over a pole, or as challenging as creating an obstacle course and getting the horse to move through the obstacles. The coach/therapist provides support, feedback and insight as needed throughout the process.

Why Equine Assisted Therapy?

Many who have experienced Equine Assisted Therapy say that the insights it gave them can feel like years of intense therapy squeezed in to a single 20-minute session! Participants are not only able to perceive their own internal patterns in a profound way but are also given a chance to practice implementing a genuine shift in their behavior. The interaction between horse and human often unlocks blocked emotions, allowing them to be processed and healed.

What can participants expect to gain?

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