All of Heartland Havens’ horses have transitioned into coaches after doing jobs that no longer suited them. Some have physical disabilities, while some came to the farm misunderstood. None of the horses were bought for these roles. Some have had more difficult pasts than others but now, through Heartland Haven Foundation, they have a purpose of helping people heal and transition into their best life.

Lincoln – (Gelding) Quarter Horse

Lincoln is the founding horse who started it all. Lincoln’s destiny was to be partners with Angela even before he was born. Angela volunteered with a rescue organization and took care of his mother. When Lincoln was born, the owner of the farm gave him to Angela as a gift. Through raising and working with Lincoln she realized how much he had taught her and wanted to share him with others looking for personal growth. He is now one of the favorite Equus Coaches and has helped many people whose goal is to move forward in their lives. In addition to being handsome, he loves back scratches!

Millie – (Matriarch Mare) Quarter Horse

Once Lincoln was settled in at the ranch Angela needed to get a companion for him since horses are herd animals. Enter Millie—in her previous life, she was a ribbon-winning show horse. She's now retired from her show days and has switched gears to become a wonderful Equus Coach who is in charge of the herd and demands respect. She suffered from some hoof issues that have been resolved through countless trips to a rehab facility in Ocala. She now teaches humans how to respect themselves, as well as communicate, love, and give respect to others. And she's always sure to keep young Lincoln in line.

Daisy – (Mare) Quarter Horse

When adding to her herd, Angela wanted to have a large pony available to assist clients who may prefer a smaller Equus coach. Enter Daisy—she is the enlightened Zen master. Daisy came to us with some physical limitations. She had a rough past early on. This doesn’t stop her from following her passion and purpose. She has been gifted with a healing spirit and intuition. Daisy is our meditation teacher.

Lulu – (Mare) Miniature-Horse

To make sure her clients have a variety of horse coaches they can bond with, Angela decided to bring a miniature horse into the herd. Lulu came from the same farm as Daisy, and she is small but mighty! Lulu has the energy and personality of no other and has no idea that she is smaller than the other horses. Lulu holds nothing back and makes it clear how she always feels. She will not be ignored! She is wonderful at keeping her clients on their toes and puts a smile on the face of everyone she meets.

Squeaks – (Gelding) Quarter Horse

Squeaks was on a path to show jumping when someone brought him to Angela for training. They soon learned that life as a jumper was not in Squeaks’ future, so he’s beginning his new life as a coach. He is very sensitive and has a lot to offer clients. He's usually the first to greet you when you drive up to the ranch.